Ganesha talks

Sleepy Ganesha

He appeared this morning so so so sleepy, asked why he need to wake up in the night! Then he was really ashamed when he figured out its already da... weiterlesen

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This morning.... I came to the Bungalow Ani was already in Trance and Ganesha showed up. He asked why the halfbald head was calling so many times and why t... weiterlesen

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Its 6:30 am right now. Just in case Ganesha will come today: Yesterday all workers had day off because during the night before it was a big cere... weiterlesen

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Answered questions

As Ani was in trance first a "sorcerer" was popping up, which was chased away from Ganesha.... I apologized first for I didnt invite hi... weiterlesen

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Coming home

I went to town on monday, stood there til today..... My kid welcomes me with a reproach: Next time when i eat a nice cake I need to "call&q... weiterlesen

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