Ganesha talks

"Only" coincidence????

Ganesha arrived a second time at break time, i went to the staff house and Ani was "sleeping", I thought, but Ganesha was already there.... weiterlesen

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Saturday news

This morning - I came from the market - Ganesha was already appearing. (Its always strange to see when he is in Ani, laying on a bed and this ca.... weiterlesen

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Crazy, lucky saturday

Our plan was that Kadek drives my kid to her friend, around 1,5 hours away from here, by motorbike. She had birthday on friday, she became 14 and... weiterlesen

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Monday morning

Ani fell and Ganesha appeared. He was so nice again, spreading all his informations: Shevia, our grey cat is locked again in Lestaris house....I... weiterlesen

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Finally peace!!

Ani fell in the morning and Ganesha arrived, completely sleepy and complaining why Kolok wakes him up with the sound of the lawn mower in the mid... weiterlesen

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  Yesterday Ani was working again - her Grandma died last week - and in the morning she fell - Ganesha spoke!  First he explained how ... weiterlesen

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Laughing Ganesha

A couple of minutes ago Ani fell and Ganesha was meditating for 15 minutes, then he appeared: He told Shiva remains me to stay calm, not to go i... weiterlesen

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