Ganesha goes spiritual


I `m still shocked, somehow.

Ganesha asked me today why people are afraid for dying. As I replied many think that with the death is coming a blank, dark nothing because they dont know it better - or maybe it would be painful in some way - he started laughing!!!!!

He was so giggling and telling if they know after the human life everything is so much better.....

Seemed hard for him stop laughing....

He told the not material life is so peaceful and beautiful. After a while our - lets say "souls" will be asked for where, how and as who we want to incarnate. We can choose! 


I asked him why we not remember like - we are thrown in another life, starting this unconsciousness human life again without recall...because I mentioned there are humans who do, like the Dalai Lama.....Ganesha smiled and tells there are the six cravings humans need to come over.

This you can find in some books described as greed, jealousy, envy and so on.....

...then humans become concious and under the name of love, because there is no other way - they will remember!

  Sounds easy, huh?

Anyway, I asked him for my big love in my life, who died too early and young, I asked Ganesha if he knows that this man has already incarnated and if yes he knows where...

He nodded by my first some words....

And told me this soul, I still feel so bound in deepest love, is now a girl with 7 years, brown hairs, white skin and some red marks, maybe kind of spots on her left seems she is Australian.

And someday she will come to my place.

I asked him if I will recognize and he nodded again, said there will be a longing for each other right from the heart and solar plexus.

But he will tell me before she will appear......

By this theme he asked me if I know  that my grandma already incarnated into the baby from the Finland couple once were here while the wife was already pregnant....

I didnt know that, but now I know why I asked some other friends from them some weeks ago which came here..

Uh, that is all amazing, eases my mind and give me a lot of meditiation..

At the end - what I wrote is somehow just a fraction, but the essence - Ganesha thanked for my listening  which made me speechless.

I appreciate HIS informations he gave me today.

Its wonderful to know him.

By the way: I was courious to know why Jesus is not appearing to people like Ganesha or the other Gods, and his answer was as simple as clear: because Jesus was human. He cannot appear like the Gods, who never been humans.

As an example he mentioned Roul.....they "hear" us unable to answer in a way we are able to listen.

And at least, Ganesha smiled: " we are all One!"



16.11.11 12:36

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