"Only" coincidence????

Ganesha arrived a second time at break time, i went to the staff house and Ani was "sleeping", I thought, but Ganesha was already there.....

In the middle of his explains about the secutity matter - I will tell it later - he told that "one who sweeped  is in the house with a man ( not handsome)".....

Directly I asked the maid from my kid via sms if she is alone, and she answered that the former maid, the one who quit the job by not appearing anymore without giving a word, is there with her husband, asking for me or my kid.....

Was funny that Ika, the present maid for my kid in town, didnt ask how i can know this.....what is always a point, because what to tell? That I just spoke with a God and he gave this information? Good way to entrance directly some special institutions, huh!

In cases like this I mostly tell I had a dream or an insight.....

He told about my artist, his condition and was again so happy for me.

The matter with the securities is another, longer term story. Both of them are working during night time and their job is to survey our land. Beach side is completely open, Bungalows in frent there, only our private houses are in the back.

I know from Ganesha that last week, while I was in the City for 3 nights, they were more sleeping than rolling, one man went into my house and one of them went out to meet a girl.....

As Ganesha appeared in the morning he told me that I need to make a meeting with all my workers, day and night shift. And I need to make this meeting at once!!

I need to complain with all of them, that the securities will have no reason to tell that the day workers causing gossip.

He showed how I should complain - in my opinion very strong - and should tell the day workers before this plan: no reason for complain really for them, just that I can prevent problems between all of them and to speak clear words with the securities!!!

Ok, while Iluh and  Ani inducted the other day workers I was shivering - I hate this kind of to be bossy and neccesarily take my position as a boss, but it is like this.

I made this meeting, I complained in somehow srtong and clear words and I felt ....well, bossy.

While Ganesha appeared the second time I asked him wether I complained good or not, and he started shivering all over, told he was very afraid and showed also like this how the workers felt..... although they know I am only pretending for them!

But he also told the securities became more careful now because I mentioned that if I give salary I want to get job performance....

Shiva gave me the info that if tonight my dogs are barking again I must not stand up and step outside the house for control, its him will make them barking to check the securities.

I agree and gave my appreciation.


Was fun today! 

Oh, by the way: there are not mouses or rats again coming into my house, also the freogs are disappearing: no sound anymore of them at the basins of the Gods around my house!!! 



30.5.11 11:02

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