Saturday news

This morning - I came from the market - Ganesha was already appearing.

(Its always strange to see when he is in Ani, laying on a bed and this ca. 1,50 cm/45 kilo woman is so deep inside the matress as a 120 kilo guy normaly is. Remind - Ganesha is a God in elephant shape! )

Iluh was already there.

When I arrived he was very fast talking:

Kolok and Komang went so many times out with my motorbike the last days I was not here, for to drive around the villages during working time. 

Kolok was driving, almost hitting a child in the neighbourhood.

The securities are more sleeping than making their rounds on the land.

A masked man went during night time ino my house and tried to find my documents and land certificates. ( I guess who....) Ganesha cannot tell who, because of the mask. Preventative I took them all to the city! Ganesha gave this warning a couple of weeks ago, and I take it serious.

He told Iluh "secretly" I spent a night with my artist -  I swear I didnt tell something about to someone here after we arrived yesterday!!!!!!

He was so happy for me, I appreciated so much. But this "marriage" means that I will not fall for a while, the Godesses will not come inside me for dancing, he tells.

Hopefully all other beings will also not!! Every time when its a Godess it gives me energy and peace, a feeling of inner tranquility and happiness. But if "others" come in its most that I am out of energy, tired like hell and it take hours, in worse cases days to get my normal condition back.

Ganesha told in 4 days i will go back to the city to meet my boyfriend again. And next weekend I should take my kids maid to come here....for the future, that I can spend a weekend alone in town and my kid here is with someone.....

The attack from this old "woman" in the city is kid is safe. But because she is still sleeping with her head to the sea - a bad direction - she is still vulnerable for sicknesses.....

Even she is not a Hindi....

He gave the info that one of my kids friends at school isnt playing fair, she will spread the secrets my kid tells her as gossip, he gave her hairstyle and some body marks for recognizing the girl.

Also the class incl. my artist as the teacher will not come for camp to our place, shiva "blew" them away because some of the students will cause shame for my kid at school for our place.....

( I spoke about this camp plan with the artist on thursday, he canceled the booking for the class.....and I didnt spread this info yet to my staff!!!!)

Ganesha seemed busy, again he told he is happy that I believe him now about what  he told me since 6 month about the artist.....because it became true. Such a nice smile I earned from this lovely God!!!

I appreciate so so much!! 




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