Shiva moves

1 hour ago Ani fell unconciousness and a long time nothing happened. Then she started to move her both hands like someone is drumming and inbetween like taking a string.


When she woke up - still kind of "sleepy" or "far away" - and she told she has the feeling her head will explose.

With her ability of "viewing" she told she has the picture of a man, driving in a white car, wearing glasses and a checkered shirt, blue-white.

After our questions we knew:

far wawy, accident not yet, and something around his throat.


Ani fell again, just after and Ganesha appeared, just to tell us it is the father of my kid, he fight with his girlfriend and drives a car in his anger, doesnt see an electric pole and hit it.

His head full of blood.

My question who was in Ani before with the movements, Ganesha told it is Shiva. His language we cannot understand, thats why he gives moves.

( I guess the last time after Kadeks accident it was the same. Did I wrote about? Not sure.....)

Ganesha mentions we need to give this urgent warning......I wrote an Email to him, running the risk that he will belong I am crazy....

Uh, that is scary and helpful the same time!


28.5.11 09:16

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