Crazy, lucky saturday

Our plan was that Kadek drives my kid to her friend, around 1,5 hours away from here, by motorbike.

She had birthday on friday, she became 14 and I made a big cake for her and we shared it with all our staff.....

On Saturday morning Ani fell and Ganesha appeared.

He was very upset, because he "heard" Rosa thinkeng that she wish everyone who is eating my cake will be death and I will go in prison for that.....

At this time we still laughed.....

My Kid gave Ganesha the info that she will leave later on and wish a good bye...Ganesha asked what is the problem with her friend and without asking from where he knows that there is a problem my kid tells the story from the situation there: her friend also "see" beings but cannot tell her parents about, because this mixed Asian/European couple does not believe......

Ganesha told - and here I need to mention that neither Ani nor one of the other workers were once in the house of L.`s friend - that there is a "fun zone" for many children humans cannot see, close to that round window.....that is what her friend see.

Its amazing because there is next to the entrance a huge, big window, starts at the bottom and goes up in a round til 4 meter....

No way, Ani cannot know this!

Anyway, Ganesha was interrupted because our new worker, Komang, came to the place we gathered ( Iluh, "Ani", L and me ) and he still should not know whats going on here.

After Komang went back to R.`s house Ganesha told that Mammat caused Komang close to us.

No time for more, I heard a motorbike coming, the dogs barking and Ganesha told he need to go, Mamman is coming, our captain.

Do I need to tell that it is impossible to see the parking place from our staff house were we was??

And do I need to tell who was coming? Sure, it was Mamman!


Layla and Kadek drove away at 11 12 am my kid called, they got an accident!!!! Frontal with another motorbike, but it was unbelievable:

my Kid: nothing!!!! Kadek just 2 scratches from the handlebars of the other motorbike!! They didnt even fell!!!! The other guy fell and it turned out: a small concussion, they checked up in the hospital by x-ray - nothing else!!!

Kadek drove L to her friend and came back to our place.

In the meantime Ganesha appeared again. He was full of shame and so afraid, that he didnt want to look in my eyes. Bitterly weeping because Shiva offended him not to keep his duty, afraid that I and R. tells same.

Ganesha mentioned that Mammat told him that he will join L. and Kadek and its not necessary Ganesha also join!

He excused in very high words in Brahman language, told that Shiva helped them to fent the worst. 

He asked Mammat why he did this, mammat said someone gave him the job to care for that L. and Kadek will die on the way!!! But Mammat didnt want to tell who gave him this "job".....

Iluh and me cared for Ganesha, he was so sad and ashamed, I said I am happy everyone is still alive and for this I gave my appreciations for Shiva and also for Ganesha!!

Still sad he went "home".

Now I need to explain a little how it works here in this Island if an accident happens: 

The first point is that all involved cares for each other. There is no first question who was wrong or right in traffic matter, the one who is hurt less did it most wrong!!

The family from the old man who was fallen and brought to hospital took the identity card from Kadek as a prove that he will come back to take responsability - what means pay for the surgery. 

For the people here its a lot of money, 1 day in the clinic without something special its as much as 3 month salary - if someone has a good job!

So, Kadek needs to go there again - and shy as he is he asked me to join. Of yourse I will, and that there is no misunderstanding in Language - my Indonesian is still not perfect - I asked Ani and Iluh to join and they did it with pleasure!

! hour drive in the car one way....and on the way Ani mentioned that Mammat offers her "shit" in front of her face - she felt vomiting.

In the clinic it took 2 hours to pay, ask for forgiveness and take the identity card back. It is most important to the people to find a solution with peace. No police, no reproaches!!!

The way back Ani mentioned the shitty smell becomes more - until I also smelled it, Iluh at last too.....Ani poked, was upset with Mammat! After she poked she smelled nothing more, but it cames to me.....I can hardly breathing while driving the car.

Short before we need to turn off the main road I started to heckle, was sweating but my enire body cold as ice. I didnt hear something anymore......I dont know how I did it the last 2 km til home, at the parking place my hands were insensitive, I fell in a faint. Just for some moments. They took me out of the car and gave me temple water to drink.....and I became concious at once.

A little jittery but ok again!

If this happened at the main road in between busy traffic - I dont wanna think about!!!!! It cames very fast.

I think on Monday I will know more.....need a big rest today!



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