Coming shadows

I didnt write for some days - that doesnt mean nothing happens....

Maybe later I will write about Ganesha`s talks, but now its more important this update!

About one week it seemed to be peace attacks, no bad spirits, when Ani fell only Ganesha appeared.....

 So far so good, but I didnt trust this peace, I cannot believe that Diego gave up this easy.......

We got a new worker, by hazard Komangs father is a priest. 

There were a couple of points I collected in my role of a the informations from Ganesha that the securities are popping around here with kinds of prostitutes while i am not here over night....and 3 nights ago Rosa met them at the beach......


The other point is the flabby discipline from the workers concerning working time!

I watched it now for a long time and I started to get angry almost every morning when they come late but going to break earlier etc.....

So, not like every boss yesterday I made a meeting and explained my feeling in the morning and asked all workers to help me NOT to get this feeling....means that I ask them to watch the time and come back to a dsciplined time.

Then Ani said she does not know about what I am speaking - like this its already a couple of she is not concious when I m telling something....

Also she said she is not praying for the Gods for 4 days.....!!! Its the most strange thing, because Ani is not like this, its her kind of duty!

then I told about my feeling 1 day ago when I joined the workers sitting around during working time - a feeling coming from Ani I was not welcome.

Then - suddenly - I got the solution! What if:

a new magic attack is already working around?

Its becoming more and more subtile, for sure, and whoever, I mean Diego and maybe somebody else, failed the last time to make the workers quit their jobs - now the situation is created like I have to quit my workers.......

So clear, and as I used the word conciousness - all workers was like becoming aware and all told a big yes!

The communication was here again! We were fast to check out and we didnt make the same mistake NOT to communicate miscommunications, like the last attack appeared!

For all it was so clear!

Not half an hour later Ani fell and some helping spirits appeared, not Ganesha, and told:

If we think its over it is not.

If we loose our inner peace we will loose.

The mother is not allowed to come.


Same situation with the last magical attack: as soon as we became aware that there is an attack - the Gods and Spirits appeared to help us by advices, warnings and words.....

I will go on tomorrow, its monday then and we will see!


15.5.11 10:09

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soulfinder (22.5.11 05:45)
@ GHD: Sorry, I didnt get it. Could you tell it again in more simple but straight words?
@ Audi: Thank you for your comment. I just write this blog as a kind of miracle diary....and to have a kind of prove for myself.

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