Monday morning

Ani fell and Ganesha appeared.

He was so nice again, spreading all his informations:

Shevia, our grey cat is locked again in Lestaris house....I should go there and ask the maid.

To have a safe ride tomorrow on the way, we should drive slowly - my kid is goinf for camp to Java and I`m going to visit Annett.

My kid needs jackets, because it will rain there and it will be cold.

Annett has very low energy by her body, he worries about. And she is thinking about her relation to her son.

Again he asked my kid for her religion, he is still confused.

He told my artist cannot sleep because his back is very painful, a backbone problem.

Kadeks girlfriend did an abortion without he knows, but she hed contact with other men....

 He askedLayla in case I will have a partner she should not complain, because I am already "old" - here you can see him giggling - and when my kid has a boyfriend she goes her way. And also nobody will be there when I am cold at night.....

Such a nice introduction from him, until now my kid do not know about the artist - he also teaches at her school and i can smell kind of problem by her....;-)

so far for today.....seems its peace in this time!

9.5.11 10:32

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