Just to diary

Last thursday I went to the City, wanted to stay 1 night.

I arranged a date for thursday eve with the artist, but unfortunately he became sick.....he sent me some sms, and in one he mentioned his insomnia, which is terrible....

This I told no one when I arrived at home on Saturday.

Yes, Saturday, because on friday morning I got a call from Ani that Ganesha requested if I can go back one day later, not as thought on friday - a huge rain will put me in risky situations on the way - and I was somehow happy to hear:

I had a very bad dream at night, I woke up for a couple of hours...and my car is very old, so its really risky in a way to drive when its raining - I mean, tropic rain is different with lets say european rain.....

 So I went back yesterday, a calm, fast and safe drive.

At home everything was ok, except one of the dogs gnawed my door and Shevia, the cat Ganesha freed last week didnt appear the last 2 days, and also Tigger was not here for almost 1 week now.....

See, a lot of questions for Ganesha are waiting....

8.5.11 04:24

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