Finally peace!!

Ani fell in the morning and Ganesha arrived, completely sleepy and complaining why Kolok wakes him up with the sound of the lawn mower in the middle of the night...

It took some time to tell him that its already 8 am and the sun is shining....did you ever talked to a sleepy god?

Ok, the info was:

Surat, the tall Security imagine to come together with me - Ganesha played back how he was dreaming and trying to touch, kiss during the so funny!

Well, for him it was funny that so many men suddenly are interested in me, but me I just interested seriously for the teacher....that was my question, if I should be courageous tomorrow at the date to yome out....his advice was a clear no -the teacher is working too much, the big city is a lame atmosphere. I should wait until he will come here - finally in june...

I asked Ganesha if we can ask a white magician to help us, just making Diego and his black magic to stop.

Ganesha asked Shiva and replied a no need! The Gods are not sleeping!! They are watching us, and if we take another magician - the game goes on. I mentioned that Diego - last week while he spoke through Ani with the priest - wanted that I die.....and ganesha told me to have no fear! The 3 days I was not allowed to go outsidehe defenced the killing order from Diego and sent it back - one of his cows was dying!!!!

The matter with my kid - the lots of food I also asked and he grinned: Its not Diego, its Mammat!!!!!! This was such a relief to hear.....

Ganesha told some intim points of Kadek, who came together with a woman and Ilu asked him about her husband matter....I went out before Ganesha , the new worker is not yet ready to know all about our gifts here....and I was afraid he start searching for us....


In the afternoon Ganesha came again, he was very desperate to tell me I should take care about all my important  documents - Land certifications, Company certs, etc.... - should hide it all while I go to the City tomorrow. There is one from outside, know I will be not here and will try to get it out of my house to burn it.....guess who?!

Solution very easy: I promised to take them all with me to the city and thats it!

He mentioned a white snake - are white snakes existing? - in my house, he catched it because its so beautiful and was so thankful that he will be not boring this afternoon....

Then he complained a lot again with Ilu and Ani - why they are not helping me to clean my house! While I am getting horny hands - I got a bit, but I didnt mention to anyone!!

He bacame really upset because the Godesses are complaining: they are inside me and if I am more cleaning than caring about go!!!

Well, even Ganesha is a childgod - you really dont wanna see him angry! Seriously! 

I must promise to complain with Ani and Ilu - Ilu must promise to help....

And he also mentioned Saraswati want I am nice for tomorrow, for my date with the teacher.

She doesnt want I get wrinkles because I clean and work to much!!! And Parvati is afraid i will loose my hair then and will look like Shiva......for this ganesha was smiling a lot!!!!!!!!!

Before he disappeared he mentioned again the documents......

I am so thankful for this informations, I know I trust too much and never give one thought that someone will even think about to steal  my things......and anyway, i dont want to give a try now, I will take them with me!


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