The first time in a dream I took photos!!!


The first sequence was full of party people, I got to know a handsome guy and he put a sight on me, I remember I told him that I am watching this "Circus" in town....I am living country side and so on.

Nice guy......! But, sad to say, the next sequence popped up:

I was at home, some guests in our resort....

I went from the Restaurant to my house and inbetween I had a view to the ocean: It was shocking: 

All the front was full of spray from breaking waves, some came til my position in the backyard...

I start running to the beach and I saw a middlesized, tipped cruise liner in front of our beach, where the waves were breaking....It was empty, no peoples in danger!

I saw the doors of the cabines - suddenly, because a very big wave pushed it in front of our Bungalow.....which looked a little different as it is.

Someone said something about 13 million....

The cruise liner changed into some parts of big salt ships, Java style, very nice and colourful.

But this parts were stopped by our building, and the wrecks were breaking the roofs...

It was an amazing view: this coloured big wooden shipwrecks, bigger than our buildings, the astonishment and helplessness to put this monsters away, the backlight of the sunset takes all the scenery in such a weird composition - I took my camera and so many great shots!!!!!

No fear, no real destruction, only one part of the roof had a hole....only the question how to pull the wrecks away for a short moment.

And the sound of a mosquito woke up me - too late, I was already bitten. Time to stand up!

Good morning!


18.4.11 00:45

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soulfinder (27.5.11 12:42)
I just remembered this dream because of your Post.....and my first thought was - how about Japan? I mean, dreams like that I had before and after somethings happened. For this I write this blog - to have a kind of "prove" for myself. And not become crazy....;-)

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