Talking like a waterfall

When I came into the bungalow Ani was already unconcious, Ganesha popped up after 2 minutes:

*Kolok, our mute gardener asked him for help that I start to fall in love with him.....sorry, I disagreed and Ganesha smiled.

* Ganesha asked me why so many men are flirting with me, and I replied I want only one but we are still too shy to open up....he smiled again and said the one in town I am falling for is like jealous because he thinks that I am in contact with many men.....and he encouraged me to talk to him when I will meet him next week...

*Rosa is calling Ani`s boyfriend, try to drag him but want to get all informations from here.....

*R. is too much working, getting too less sleep and need to take care for a balance....Ganesha told to catch up sleep he was next to the driver having a rest.....

*A longhaired friend of R., must be in the crew, is stressed up and wishes to come and live in Indonesia to find recreation.....

* Bernhard, our neighbour, gave an injection for Momo, one of R.`s cats to make him agressive.....

*Our Security Surat already longing for his girls he can date during working time next week because I `m not here.....Ganesha asked me if he can be mean with him, I agreed.....;-)

* at last he told after the other Gods and Godesses verifyied that it was not true what he told them - by our name yesterday - Shiva pulled his ear!!! Ganesha apologized to everybody but was still giggling for the confusion he set up.....anyway, also Gods getting punishment.....

* Ganesha mentioned the fullmoon ceremony tomorrow....he asked my daughter if she join.....but from the heart, not because anybody or any God tells it!!!! 

He was talking like a waterfall......for all this information bubbling out of him he took maybe 4-5 minutes....and he went, not before asking if there are questions for him. 

I like him so much, missing him already for next week.....

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soulfinder (9.6.11 11:59)
@CHEAP Tiffany: Thank you for your comment, shows me that you are with me in this open minded century, free from Dogatism, Fanatism and Assessment to create an independent thinking world of freedom and tolerance, full of variety!

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