Laughing Ganesha

A couple of minutes ago Ani fell and Ganesha was meditating for 15 minutes, then he appeared:

He told Shiva remains me to stay calm, not to go into stress and the lots of things I need to care for ( which are really a bit too much these days...)

I need to meditate again, I didnt spent time for the Gayatri and Trisandya.....he said, also Saraswati remembered me to to it! And next Saturday I need to go to Bakungan Temple to be with her, that my light shines more.....

She also excused she made this tourist from yesterday having an eye on me....

Ganesha said Shiva already "bondaged" the gohst from this morning: Another small story: a ghost who came first around 1 year ago, a woman with feetlong, white hair, appeared this morning. 2 days ago in the neighbour garden we heard some sound from people usually made for some unwanted spirits to move away.....

Well, she wanted to move in here, next to my house, but Shiva helped.

Again this phenomen this morning of a bad odour and Ani "saw" her.....I am happy she didnt use me this time to come inside, I hate to smell like died people!

Anyway, Ganesha mentioned that R. forgot to visit him in his temple....

And then he started to give all the opposite words to the God and Godesses, Roul and Mammat: like Iluh tell Shiva is bald, I tell Roul is a dwarf and Saraswati is ugly, my daughter tells the Godesses are not beautiful, Mammat has horns like a cow and so on....he was giggling because we are asking for forgiveness, he was so so so laughing about his joke!

I asked about Mammat - because Rosa stopped working here and didnt call him home, he was so sad and crying, asking if he can stay with us - how he can be reborn ( what is usually possible when the mom is praying for Idul Fitri in his Religion...) and Ganesha told he will take a rebirth by a woman which do not belong to any Religion....

Then I asked for Roul, if he also want to rebirth....and Ganesha tells - after he asked Roul - that my son waits until I am getting another child- it will be him, he doesnt want another mom!

Well, I am too old maybe, I mentioned....and all were perplexed....I mean....I am over 40.....and.....I dont want another kid.

Well until here just a small update. Hope the Gods and Godesses are not angry with us...;-)


15.4.11 09:54

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