Yesterday Ani was working again - her Grandma died last week - and in the morning she fell - ... weiterlesen

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Finally peace!!

Ani fell in the morning and Ganesha arrived, completely sleepy and complaining why Kolok wakes him u... weiterlesen

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Just to diary

Last thursday I went to the City, wanted to stay 1 night.I arranged a date for thursday eve with the... weiterlesen

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Monday morning

Ani fell and Ganesha appeared.He was so nice again, spreading all his informations:Shevia, our grey ... weiterlesen

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Coming shadows

I didnt write for some days - that doesnt mean nothing happens....Maybe later I will write about Gan... weiterlesen

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Crazy, lucky saturday

Our plan was that Kadek drives my kid to her friend, around 1,5 hours away from here, by motorbike.S... weiterlesen

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Shiva moves

1 hour ago Ani fell unconciousness and a long time nothing happened. Then she started to move her bo... weiterlesen

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