Coming home

I went to town on monday, stood there til today.....My kid welcomes me with a reproach:Next time whe... weiterlesen

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Answered questions

As Ani was in trance first a "sorcerer" was popping up, which was chased away from Ganesha... weiterlesen

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Its 6:30 am right now.Just in case Ganesha will come today:Yesterday all workers had day off because... weiterlesen

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This morning.... I came to the Bungalow Ani was already in Trance and Ganesha showed up.He asked why the halfb... weiterlesen

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Small woman, curly hair

At 2 pm Ani fell in trance, her only words were:Big snake - stone - water - iron - waterAt 4 pm I we... weiterlesen

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Small woman, curly hair

It turned out that neither my daughter nor R. were meant by her words....Sunday my daughter was brou... weiterlesen

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Sleepy Ganesha

He appeared this morning so so so sleepy, asked why he need to wake up in the night! Then he was rea... weiterlesen

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