While dreaming I went in front of a mirror and saw myself with curly hairs! Astonished and happy to ... weiterlesen

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Ganesha talks

Ganesha told this morning Rosa, my maid, want to quit the Job but was yesterday too shy to tell it. ... weiterlesen

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Goddess talks

I fell this morning and the Goddess spoke:The Gods and Goddesses excuse all the troubles they let co... weiterlesen

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Ganesha talks

Ganesha told if Kadek, our 2. Gardener will not work tomorrow, Diego will visit him tomorrow at home... weiterlesen

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Ganesha talks

Today some news about our Security, Yasa, who quit yesterday:He did all the magic attacks by himself... weiterlesen

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Last night: I entranced a room and at the other side was a "face", like a ghost in bad B-M... weiterlesen

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Ganesha talks

This morning:Ganesha told Lestari and her husband Bernhard, our neighbours want to take our hotel na... weiterlesen

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