Ganesha goes spiritual


I `m still shocked, somehow.

Ganesha asked me today why people are afraid for dying. As I replied many think that with the death is coming a blank, dark nothing because they dont know it better - or maybe it would be painful in some way - he started laughing!!!!!

He was so giggling and telling if they know after the human life everything is so much better.....

Seemed hard for him stop laughing....

He told the not material life is so peaceful and beautiful. After a while our - lets say "souls" will be asked for where, how and as who we want to incarnate. We can choose! 


I asked him why we not remember like - we are thrown in another life, starting this unconsciousness human life again without recall...because I mentioned there are humans who do, like the Dalai Lama.....Ganesha smiled and tells there are the six cravings humans need to come over.

This you can find in some books described as greed, jealousy, envy and so on.....

...then humans become concious and under the name of love, because there is no other way - they will remember!

  Sounds easy, huh?

Anyway, I asked him for my big love in my life, who died too early and young, I asked Ganesha if he knows that this man has already incarnated and if yes he knows where...

He nodded by my first some words....

And told me this soul, I still feel so bound in deepest love, is now a girl with 7 years, brown hairs, white skin and some red marks, maybe kind of spots on her left seems she is Australian.

And someday she will come to my place.

I asked him if I will recognize and he nodded again, said there will be a longing for each other right from the heart and solar plexus.

But he will tell me before she will appear......

By this theme he asked me if I know  that my grandma already incarnated into the baby from the Finland couple once were here while the wife was already pregnant....

I didnt know that, but now I know why I asked some other friends from them some weeks ago which came here..

Uh, that is all amazing, eases my mind and give me a lot of meditiation..

At the end - what I wrote is somehow just a fraction, but the essence - Ganesha thanked for my listening  which made me speechless.

I appreciate HIS informations he gave me today.

Its wonderful to know him.

By the way: I was courious to know why Jesus is not appearing to people like Ganesha or the other Gods, and his answer was as simple as clear: because Jesus was human. He cannot appear like the Gods, who never been humans.

As an example he mentioned Roul.....they "hear" us unable to answer in a way we are able to listen.

And at least, Ganesha smiled: " we are all One!"



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"Only" coincidence????

Ganesha arrived a second time at break time, i went to the staff house and Ani was "sleeping", I thought, but Ganesha was already there.....

In the middle of his explains about the secutity matter - I will tell it later - he told that "one who sweeped  is in the house with a man ( not handsome)".....

Directly I asked the maid from my kid via sms if she is alone, and she answered that the former maid, the one who quit the job by not appearing anymore without giving a word, is there with her husband, asking for me or my kid.....

Was funny that Ika, the present maid for my kid in town, didnt ask how i can know this.....what is always a point, because what to tell? That I just spoke with a God and he gave this information? Good way to entrance directly some special institutions, huh!

In cases like this I mostly tell I had a dream or an insight.....

He told about my artist, his condition and was again so happy for me.

The matter with the securities is another, longer term story. Both of them are working during night time and their job is to survey our land. Beach side is completely open, Bungalows in frent there, only our private houses are in the back.

I know from Ganesha that last week, while I was in the City for 3 nights, they were more sleeping than rolling, one man went into my house and one of them went out to meet a girl.....

As Ganesha appeared in the morning he told me that I need to make a meeting with all my workers, day and night shift. And I need to make this meeting at once!!

I need to complain with all of them, that the securities will have no reason to tell that the day workers causing gossip.

He showed how I should complain - in my opinion very strong - and should tell the day workers before this plan: no reason for complain really for them, just that I can prevent problems between all of them and to speak clear words with the securities!!!

Ok, while Iluh and  Ani inducted the other day workers I was shivering - I hate this kind of to be bossy and neccesarily take my position as a boss, but it is like this.

I made this meeting, I complained in somehow srtong and clear words and I felt ....well, bossy.

While Ganesha appeared the second time I asked him wether I complained good or not, and he started shivering all over, told he was very afraid and showed also like this how the workers felt..... although they know I am only pretending for them!

But he also told the securities became more careful now because I mentioned that if I give salary I want to get job performance....

Shiva gave me the info that if tonight my dogs are barking again I must not stand up and step outside the house for control, its him will make them barking to check the securities.

I agree and gave my appreciation.


Was fun today! 

Oh, by the way: there are not mouses or rats again coming into my house, also the freogs are disappearing: no sound anymore of them at the basins of the Gods around my house!!! 



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Saturday news

This morning - I came from the market - Ganesha was already appearing.

(Its always strange to see when he is in Ani, laying on a bed and this ca. 1,50 cm/45 kilo woman is so deep inside the matress as a 120 kilo guy normaly is. Remind - Ganesha is a God in elephant shape! )

Iluh was already there.

When I arrived he was very fast talking:

Kolok and Komang went so many times out with my motorbike the last days I was not here, for to drive around the villages during working time. 

Kolok was driving, almost hitting a child in the neighbourhood.

The securities are more sleeping than making their rounds on the land.

A masked man went during night time ino my house and tried to find my documents and land certificates. ( I guess who....) Ganesha cannot tell who, because of the mask. Preventative I took them all to the city! Ganesha gave this warning a couple of weeks ago, and I take it serious.

He told Iluh "secretly" I spent a night with my artist -  I swear I didnt tell something about to someone here after we arrived yesterday!!!!!!

He was so happy for me, I appreciated so much. But this "marriage" means that I will not fall for a while, the Godesses will not come inside me for dancing, he tells.

Hopefully all other beings will also not!! Every time when its a Godess it gives me energy and peace, a feeling of inner tranquility and happiness. But if "others" come in its most that I am out of energy, tired like hell and it take hours, in worse cases days to get my normal condition back.

Ganesha told in 4 days i will go back to the city to meet my boyfriend again. And next weekend I should take my kids maid to come here....for the future, that I can spend a weekend alone in town and my kid here is with someone.....

The attack from this old "woman" in the city is kid is safe. But because she is still sleeping with her head to the sea - a bad direction - she is still vulnerable for sicknesses.....

Even she is not a Hindi....

He gave the info that one of my kids friends at school isnt playing fair, she will spread the secrets my kid tells her as gossip, he gave her hairstyle and some body marks for recognizing the girl.

Also the class incl. my artist as the teacher will not come for camp to our place, shiva "blew" them away because some of the students will cause shame for my kid at school for our place.....

( I spoke about this camp plan with the artist on thursday, he canceled the booking for the class.....and I didnt spread this info yet to my staff!!!!)

Ganesha seemed busy, again he told he is happy that I believe him now about what  he told me since 6 month about the artist.....because it became true. Such a nice smile I earned from this lovely God!!!

I appreciate so so much!! 




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Shiva moves

1 hour ago Ani fell unconciousness and a long time nothing happened. Then she started to move her both hands like someone is drumming and inbetween like taking a string.


When she woke up - still kind of "sleepy" or "far away" - and she told she has the feeling her head will explose.

With her ability of "viewing" she told she has the picture of a man, driving in a white car, wearing glasses and a checkered shirt, blue-white.

After our questions we knew:

far wawy, accident not yet, and something around his throat.


Ani fell again, just after and Ganesha appeared, just to tell us it is the father of my kid, he fight with his girlfriend and drives a car in his anger, doesnt see an electric pole and hit it.

His head full of blood.

My question who was in Ani before with the movements, Ganesha told it is Shiva. His language we cannot understand, thats why he gives moves.

( I guess the last time after Kadeks accident it was the same. Did I wrote about? Not sure.....)

Ganesha mentions we need to give this urgent warning......I wrote an Email to him, running the risk that he will belong I am crazy....

Uh, that is scary and helpful the same time!


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Crazy, lucky saturday

Our plan was that Kadek drives my kid to her friend, around 1,5 hours away from here, by motorbike.

She had birthday on friday, she became 14 and I made a big cake for her and we shared it with all our staff.....

On Saturday morning Ani fell and Ganesha appeared.

He was very upset, because he "heard" Rosa thinkeng that she wish everyone who is eating my cake will be death and I will go in prison for that.....

At this time we still laughed.....

My Kid gave Ganesha the info that she will leave later on and wish a good bye...Ganesha asked what is the problem with her friend and without asking from where he knows that there is a problem my kid tells the story from the situation there: her friend also "see" beings but cannot tell her parents about, because this mixed Asian/European couple does not believe......

Ganesha told - and here I need to mention that neither Ani nor one of the other workers were once in the house of L.`s friend - that there is a "fun zone" for many children humans cannot see, close to that round window.....that is what her friend see.

Its amazing because there is next to the entrance a huge, big window, starts at the bottom and goes up in a round til 4 meter....

No way, Ani cannot know this!

Anyway, Ganesha was interrupted because our new worker, Komang, came to the place we gathered ( Iluh, "Ani", L and me ) and he still should not know whats going on here.

After Komang went back to R.`s house Ganesha told that Mammat caused Komang close to us.

No time for more, I heard a motorbike coming, the dogs barking and Ganesha told he need to go, Mamman is coming, our captain.

Do I need to tell that it is impossible to see the parking place from our staff house were we was??

And do I need to tell who was coming? Sure, it was Mamman!


Layla and Kadek drove away at 11 12 am my kid called, they got an accident!!!! Frontal with another motorbike, but it was unbelievable:

my Kid: nothing!!!! Kadek just 2 scratches from the handlebars of the other motorbike!! They didnt even fell!!!! The other guy fell and it turned out: a small concussion, they checked up in the hospital by x-ray - nothing else!!!

Kadek drove L to her friend and came back to our place.

In the meantime Ganesha appeared again. He was full of shame and so afraid, that he didnt want to look in my eyes. Bitterly weeping because Shiva offended him not to keep his duty, afraid that I and R. tells same.

Ganesha mentioned that Mammat told him that he will join L. and Kadek and its not necessary Ganesha also join!

He excused in very high words in Brahman language, told that Shiva helped them to fent the worst. 

He asked Mammat why he did this, mammat said someone gave him the job to care for that L. and Kadek will die on the way!!! But Mammat didnt want to tell who gave him this "job".....

Iluh and me cared for Ganesha, he was so sad and ashamed, I said I am happy everyone is still alive and for this I gave my appreciations for Shiva and also for Ganesha!!

Still sad he went "home".

Now I need to explain a little how it works here in this Island if an accident happens: 

The first point is that all involved cares for each other. There is no first question who was wrong or right in traffic matter, the one who is hurt less did it most wrong!!

The family from the old man who was fallen and brought to hospital took the identity card from Kadek as a prove that he will come back to take responsability - what means pay for the surgery. 

For the people here its a lot of money, 1 day in the clinic without something special its as much as 3 month salary - if someone has a good job!

So, Kadek needs to go there again - and shy as he is he asked me to join. Of yourse I will, and that there is no misunderstanding in Language - my Indonesian is still not perfect - I asked Ani and Iluh to join and they did it with pleasure!

! hour drive in the car one way....and on the way Ani mentioned that Mammat offers her "shit" in front of her face - she felt vomiting.

In the clinic it took 2 hours to pay, ask for forgiveness and take the identity card back. It is most important to the people to find a solution with peace. No police, no reproaches!!!

The way back Ani mentioned the shitty smell becomes more - until I also smelled it, Iluh at last too.....Ani poked, was upset with Mammat! After she poked she smelled nothing more, but it cames to me.....I can hardly breathing while driving the car.

Short before we need to turn off the main road I started to heckle, was sweating but my enire body cold as ice. I didnt hear something anymore......I dont know how I did it the last 2 km til home, at the parking place my hands were insensitive, I fell in a faint. Just for some moments. They took me out of the car and gave me temple water to drink.....and I became concious at once.

A little jittery but ok again!

If this happened at the main road in between busy traffic - I dont wanna think about!!!!! It cames very fast.

I think on Monday I will know more.....need a big rest today!



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Coming shadows

I didnt write for some days - that doesnt mean nothing happens....

Maybe later I will write about Ganesha`s talks, but now its more important this update!

About one week it seemed to be peace attacks, no bad spirits, when Ani fell only Ganesha appeared.....

 So far so good, but I didnt trust this peace, I cannot believe that Diego gave up this easy.......

We got a new worker, by hazard Komangs father is a priest. 

There were a couple of points I collected in my role of a the informations from Ganesha that the securities are popping around here with kinds of prostitutes while i am not here over night....and 3 nights ago Rosa met them at the beach......


The other point is the flabby discipline from the workers concerning working time!

I watched it now for a long time and I started to get angry almost every morning when they come late but going to break earlier etc.....

So, not like every boss yesterday I made a meeting and explained my feeling in the morning and asked all workers to help me NOT to get this feeling....means that I ask them to watch the time and come back to a dsciplined time.

Then Ani said she does not know about what I am speaking - like this its already a couple of she is not concious when I m telling something....

Also she said she is not praying for the Gods for 4 days.....!!! Its the most strange thing, because Ani is not like this, its her kind of duty!

then I told about my feeling 1 day ago when I joined the workers sitting around during working time - a feeling coming from Ani I was not welcome.

Then - suddenly - I got the solution! What if:

a new magic attack is already working around?

Its becoming more and more subtile, for sure, and whoever, I mean Diego and maybe somebody else, failed the last time to make the workers quit their jobs - now the situation is created like I have to quit my workers.......

So clear, and as I used the word conciousness - all workers was like becoming aware and all told a big yes!

The communication was here again! We were fast to check out and we didnt make the same mistake NOT to communicate miscommunications, like the last attack appeared!

For all it was so clear!

Not half an hour later Ani fell and some helping spirits appeared, not Ganesha, and told:

If we think its over it is not.

If we loose our inner peace we will loose.

The mother is not allowed to come.


Same situation with the last magical attack: as soon as we became aware that there is an attack - the Gods and Spirits appeared to help us by advices, warnings and words.....

I will go on tomorrow, its monday then and we will see!


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Monday morning

Ani fell and Ganesha appeared.

He was so nice again, spreading all his informations:

Shevia, our grey cat is locked again in Lestaris house....I should go there and ask the maid.

To have a safe ride tomorrow on the way, we should drive slowly - my kid is goinf for camp to Java and I`m going to visit Annett.

My kid needs jackets, because it will rain there and it will be cold.

Annett has very low energy by her body, he worries about. And she is thinking about her relation to her son.

Again he asked my kid for her religion, he is still confused.

He told my artist cannot sleep because his back is very painful, a backbone problem.

Kadeks girlfriend did an abortion without he knows, but she hed contact with other men....

 He askedLayla in case I will have a partner she should not complain, because I am already "old" - here you can see him giggling - and when my kid has a boyfriend she goes her way. And also nobody will be there when I am cold at night.....

Such a nice introduction from him, until now my kid do not know about the artist - he also teaches at her school and i can smell kind of problem by her....;-)

so far for today.....seems its peace in this time!

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