Shiva moves

1 hour ago Ani fell unconciousness and a long time nothing happened. Then she started to move her both hands like someone is drumming and inbetwee... weiterlesen

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Talking like a waterfall

When I came into the bungalow Ani was already unconcious, Ganesha popped up after 2 minutes: *Kolok, our mute gardener asked him for help that I ... weiterlesen

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Small woman, curly hair

It turned out that neither my daughter nor R. were meant by her words.... Sunday my daughter was brought by our driver to the city, where she nor... weiterlesen

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Small woman, curly hair

At 2 pm Ani fell in trance, her only words were: Big snake - stone - water - iron - water At 4 pm I went to here randomly - ok, not really, I ha... weiterlesen

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