Small woman, curly hair

At 2 pm Ani fell in trance, her only words were:

Big snake - stone - water - iron - water

At 4 pm I went to here randomly - ok, not really, I had a "feeling"....she was still in trance. 

Repeated the same words and "woke up".

She said its a woman, small, brown/black curly hair. 

Her clothes are dirty. Thw woman want to talk only to me, I didnt understand - I m not able in this I request her to tell it to ani, that I can understand.

Ani said the woman has like foam around her mouth....

Got the picture of a child and a burly man....kind of my family: my daughter and my best friend and business partner, R.

the woman became smaller and smaller until she disappeared.

We had no Idea about what it means. Certainly its important, because she was waiting with her message until I came.

Fact is, my daughter is right now at her friends place, there is a pool with an iron ladder to step inside. I called her and she told they went already in and there were kind of bubbles on top of the water......well, warning is out.

I skyped at once with R., they are in London with the nightliner right now. He was just awake, having coffee - no cappuchino. Tomorrow they will take the ferry to the mainland - means water and iron in hopfully there will be good water conditions....

The driver from the bus only drinks coffee...

Also here, the warning is out.

 It seemed very urgent, this information....but I`m too bad in getting the right association, thats all........

Hope everything will turn out good!

9.4.11 11:32

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